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3 steps to make the most out of Summer vacation

April 19, 2017 Karianne 3 min read No Comments

L’été. Verano. Nyár. What ever you call it, Summer is almost here! May, June, July, and part of August are about to transform into this magical time when young adults gets to have a “free period” all day long.

But Summer comes and goes in a flash. So how can we make the most of it?

1. Schedule time to adamantly do nothing.
If you’re not 100% certain what adamantly means, look it up and stick to it! Even the Bible recognizes the importance of doing nothing. Doing nothing allows the mind to recenter and refresh. Use time to enjoy the warmth of sunlight. Drink a chilled glass of lemonade and commit to do nothing more than watch the ice cubes melt. Time flies when you’re having fun, so take a moment to feel how long the days really are.

2. Get a Summer job.
You may feel strongly against this one, but when homework disappears, so does money! Think of it–when you don’t have time to spend money, you save it. But during Summer you have plenty of time to grab an icecream cone 2 or maybe 3 times a day, and suddenly your stash of cash feels smaller than you remember. As another benefit, having a Summer job adds to your work experience, which looks great on a resume. Every opportunity is a chance to add someone to your professional network. You might not care about that now, but the business relationships you create now can make or break your success as an adult.

Some great places to work are:

I really enjoyed being a cashier! But avoid working returns if you can…

Drivers get to listen to music and explore their neighborhood. You’ll have to help in store occassionally, but the tip money usually makes this job worth it. But DON’T GET STUCK THERE. Because you can make lot for practically doing nothing it’s tempting to stay. Don’t forget about your future! 401k’s and health benefits will matter eventually…

Fudge shop workers get to take home leftovers! You’ll instantly be the favorite in your family.

I love judging all the book covers, and helping people find their next favorite read.

Super great benefits, and flexible schedules.

3. Be mainstream and proud.
There’s a reason certain things come into mind when we think of Summer. What does Summer mean to you? Frozen popsicles? Midnight movies with friends? Hiking? A bike ride? A stroll through downtown? Do those things. Memories don’t have to cost a lot of money. Even hanging out at a friends house, roasting hotdogs in the fire pit, or burning your tongue on Pizza rolls creates moments that will help you through the hard times in life.

Sooner than you’ll wish you’ll be required to contribute to society as an adult. So this Summer, make time to remember the good ol’ days spent soaking up sun and snacking on watermelon slices (another Summer must).

Looking for some fresh music for the Summer?
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Karianne is the founder of Windmill Ways. She plays the cello professionally and currently works as an Art Director for a charity. Because she loves animated shows and movies, she studies 3D animation and graduated with a BFA with the unfortunate class of 2020. Her dream vacation would be just staying home, but "home" being a glamorous cabin somewhere in the mountains surrounded by forest.

Favorite band: Lord Huron
Favorite book: This Present Darkness
Favorite quote: "Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life. You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail." Proverbs 19:20-21 (NLT)

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