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8 fun personality quizzes for self discovery

July 11, 2019 Karianne 5 min read No Comments

Although they’re just for fun, personality quizzes help us find our habits—good and bad. When I’m forced to wonder which mythical creature I’d rather befriend I learn what values are most important to me. (It would be so cool to befriend a dragon, but a unicorn is less expensive to feed and less likely to eat/burn me.)

I’ve taken a lot of silly quizzes, from things like Which flower are you, or What color is your soul, to When should your birthday actually be. The following personality quizzes are fun but they are also my favorites because they actually helped me learn more about what I think I would do and find areas I can improve.

1. What’s your creative type?

Creativity is more than just making art. We use creativity when we organize the refrigerator, schedule something, or search for the best sale. Do you know how your brain approaches creativity?

I got: The visionary

“You live in a world of infinite possibilities, preferring to see things not as they are but as they could be. You know that life is limited only by the boundaries of your own beliefs, and you’re driven to push the limits of, well, everything…”

Did you get “the thinker”? Please let me know because apparently I need you in my life!

2. How much of a psychopath are you?

Now, I know you’re not a psychopath, but if you were…Wouldn’t it be fun to know how many qualities you have that could be associated with psychopathic disorder? Also the creator of this quiz is super nice and has put a lot of work into keeping it updated and useful. Why not check it out?

I got: 36% psychopath

Huh…Although the test says I’m “reasonably nice,” the number is higher than I want it to be…Let’s move on.

3. Alpha, Beta, or Omega

Do you already know if you have an alpha or beta personality? Through this quiz I learned that there’s a third group, the omega personality, or someone who does their own thing. I might be biased but I think the results are pretty accurate.

I got: Omega

“No one can stop your shine. You don’t look for validation from anyone. You know you’re a strong force of nature and it’s just how you roll. You’re an ambivert. Whether you’re alone or in a crowd it doesn’t matter to you. You’re fine with yourself and that is your gift.”

4. Myers-Briggs personality

I got: INFP

When I took this test in high school I always got Introvert. But in college I switched to Extrovert—even last year I got ENFP. Now, however, I’m all the way up to 68% Introvert. Wonder when I’ll flip again?

5. Worldview checkup

I got: 100% Christian

Although designed for Christians, this is NOT a religion-bashing quiz. It’s about knowing what worldview your beliefs are grounded in. To my surprise, the first time I took this test I got around 80% Christian, with the rest falling under New Age, Islam, and Buddhism. Yet after dating Joel, a strong agnostic who asked a lot of questions but rarely looked into finding answers, I actually grew into a stronger Christian.

6. Love language

Unless you’ve been in Antarctica for the last 13 years, you’ve probably overheard someone talk about their “love language.” Basically, this test is a guideline to help you see how you like to show and/or receive love based on 5 main languages: acts of service, physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts.

Your love language is not just for romantic relationships, but can apply to family, friends, and co-workers—physical touch could be a hug, high-five, or pat on the shoulder.

When I took this test 5 years ago, words of affirmation and receiving gifts were tied for the highest. Now, along with the rest of my insides, it looks like my love languages flipped!

My results:

7 – Acts of Service
7 – Physical Touch
7 – Quality Time
6 – Words of Affirmation
3 – Receiving Gifts

Nature Themed Quizzes

I lovewhich element are you” quizzes—they have pretty colors and are associated with tangible objects. But I’m also drawn to element quizzes because of my mildly unhealthy obsession with Avatar the Last Airbender.

The best element quiz I found was on Facebook eons ago. I got water every time, even if I waited years to take it again. But since I can’t find that quiz anymore, I tested several others and narrowed it down to my favorite 2 elemental quizzes. I expected to see water again, but as with my other results, I changed here too.

7. What element are you – Quizony

I got: Wood

“Wood is one of the Ancient Chinese elements. It is also known as Tree. Wood represents growth, springtime, the colors green and blue, the Azure Dragon, and windy weather. Personal attributes include warmth, generosity, strength, idealism, and flexibility. You are a kind and well-liked person given to idealism.”

8. What element are you – How Stuff Works

I got: Earth

“Some might call you sedentary, but you would call yourself grounded. The earth element is connected with building, growing, and staying connected to the world around you. You have close ties to family and friends, your community, and your coworkers. You are probably known for building things, whether it is institutions in your community, business, or actual physical things like houses or art.”

BONUS: 9. The political compass

It’s great that society is becoming more politically involved. However, the foundation of your political beliefs might surprise you. This quiz helps you to find out more about your inner political beliefs.

And hey, some of the questions make great ice breakers. “What do you do” and “What are your hobbies” are old and boring. If you really want to find true love, ask “If economic globalisation is inevitable, should it primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations?”

Works every time.

I got: Economic Left/Right: 2.38, Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.26

That’s pretty close to the middle—maybe as close as one can get while still having an opinion. It’s been fun to see where my friends ended up on the spectrum (most of them were scattered on the left, but everyone was all over the table). I’m really glad for the wide range of views my friends and family hold—it keeps me safe from any echo chambers.

Going through these personality quizzes and comparing them to what I knew about myself from the days of middle school and MySpace showed me that, after everything I’ve gone through, I’m not the same person anymore. Despite that catchy song in Frozen, maybe people can change.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

Personality quizzes have shown me other interesting things like my grandmother is 93% introvert, and silly yet illustrative things like my friend is the fire element. This knowledge makes it easier to relate to them, and armed with silly personality quiz test results, I’m slower to become angry with my ENFP friends when they get easily bored.

What did you get? What’s your favorite personality quiz?

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Favorite band: Lord Huron
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