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Book Progress

I thoroughly enjoy writing blog posts for you, and part of that joy gave me the dream to publish a book (or several). As the unique “worlds” with characters you’ll love to love and love to hate swirl in my mind, this list will show you whether I’m making progress or not and help me prioritize my writing.

Anyone else relying on NaNoWriMo for a kick in the butt?

One day I strongly hope I will have a finished book to share with you. But for now, here are my various worlds, what phase they are in, and how close I am to finishing…


LFG Family: First Draft , Editing–3,111 words (67%)
❉ New Christian: First Draft–725 words (4%)

“Write the book you want to read.”


Pieces – Wattpad Open Novella Contest: First Draft ✓ (made it on the official long list aka got the bronze trophy—not bad but I want to do better.)
Knights+Dragons+Magic: First Draft ✓, Second Draft–26,770 words (30%)
Pawn: First Draft–9,904 words (63%)
OBT: First Draft–53,193 words (21%)
Alive: First Draft–1,873 words (3%)
Prairie: First Draft–5,000 words (4%)
Apocalypse: First Draft–2,000 words (2%)
Spark: Outline–740 words (0%)

Updated: November 29, 2021