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Ultimate Quick and Easy Christmas gift guide

December 3, 2019 Karianne 7 min read No Comments

Wow. You and I are cutting it kind of close for Christmas shopping! I hope you’ll find the perfect gift on this list, or become so inspired you think of the one (and then let me know what it is!)

Most of these gifts are also available on Amazon, but I linked to the original maker’s website so they get more support.

Gifts for the Fitness Friend

$35 Protein One – Whey protein: These come in ~1000000 different flavors, but I’ve only tried the Cookies and Cream one because I’m so happy with it. Some people add it to their oatmeal, but I add it to my cereal. 😉

$10 Shower wipes: This one might be a little tricky to give, just make sure they understand you’re not saying they’re smelly. It’s a thoughtful gift since it’s handy to use after hitting the gym. Like I seriously want these.

$15 Maven Thread Headbands: I use these for travel and even less frequently, my trips to the gym. They’re light, soft, and don’t slide off my hair.

Stickers: Because who doesn’t want to put this on their water bottle?

Gifts for the Beauty Babe

$24 Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Balm: I got this gem when I had a #SinglesSwag subscription. It smells amazing and after a couple days using it my skin is more radiant and even toned.

$12 Peach Slices Citrus-Honey Aqua Glow: When you live in a state as dry as Colorado, a good moisturizer is essential. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I have some of their other products and this one is next on my list of things to get.

$20 Sweet Water Decor Eyelash Dreamer Makeup Bag: No longer does the beauty have to pack multiple makeup bags to fit all her stuff for a trip. This makeup bag is HUGE. And the saying is uplifting.

$22 Starface Hydro-Star Acne Patches: Okay, I just learned about these and I definitely want to try them. It’s a fun way to clear up acne spots.

$38 LoveShackFancy Lele Sadoughi Padded Headband: Help your beauty be on trend with this never boring headband. They’re normally $95 dollars but they’re on sale while supplies last.

Gifts for the Christian Reader

$15 Relevant Magazine subscription: One of the magazines I’m actually subscribed to. I like the short but information packed articles, and the interested facts that are sprinkled throughout the layout.

$15 Captivating – Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul, by Stasi Eldredge and John Eldredge: I don’t know how many times I’ve quoted this book on here. It radically changed my heart when I felt worthless, unloved, and like I was something that needed to be fixed.

$30 Beholding and Becoming – The Art of Everyday Worship by Ruth Chou Simons: TBH, I bought this book on a whim—I can’t not check out the book section at Sam’s. The only reason I noticed this book was because someone had put it on the wrong pile. I picked it up to put it back in its home like a grocery-store hero, but was drawn in by the cover. I opened to a random page and felt like I would benefit from reading this every night. I was right. Some of the truths hit hard, but I no longer take the consistence of a sun and moon for granted (something Ruth Chou Simons mentions). Best impulse buy ever!

$13 Let Go – 60 Powerful Truths to Set Your Heart Free by Katy Fults: Another glorious find from Zulily! (If you can find it on there, snag it.) I couldn’t preview the book, but when I read the excerpt on the preview image I almost cried. It was exactly what my heart needed to remember. I bought it, and have been renewed every day as I learn to let go of the bitterness and expectations I trap myself in. Don’t tell, but I’m actually giving this as a gift this year.

Gifts for the new home owner

$37 Rae Dunn Pear Measuring Cups: Super cute and functional for the person new home owner who likes to cook or doesn’t know it yet. The eye-pleasing shape means you can keep these measuring cups out and easily accessible instead of taking up valuable drawer space and getting all mixed up and messy. Include this Pear Custard Pie recipe so they can break them in.

$18 Magnolia Market Stoneware Measuring Spoons: At first I wanted to only include the cutest most adorable spoons I could find. But, then I saw these and realized that, while fun spoons are fun to give, when you’re cooking you want something that’s clear and easy to find. These spoons will show up even if there in the back corner of a dark drawer, and the labels are simple and big enough read. And these little guys support Chip and Joanna Gains’ family, so it’s a win win win.

$25 The Original “Knork”: Knife + Fork = perfect eating utensil. Seriously. I bought these for a friend’s housewarming. At first she thought it was silly, but after using them she says they’re her favorite “fork” to use.

Gifts for the self-Employed BA

$11 Business card holder “Goal Digger”: I want one for myself

$21 Business card organizer: Everyone who knows, knows they need a business card holder to keep your cards nice to hand OUT, but the insider secret is to get a business card organizer to keep the cards you GET. This can also hold credit cards, loyalty cards, or gift cards.

$25 Kallos Christian planner: Or this beautiful planner for everyone. But I love the simple design and fun excerpts in the Kallos planner, it makes me think I could live more faith-filled. And, if you get the planner by Kallos, you also support a ministry for girls in Singapore. #decenthuman

Gifts for THE Boyfriend’s MOM

$11 – $30 Christmas candle: Not everyone likes the same scent, so be mindful before you pick something overly pine cone-y or floral. Cinnamon and Vanilla are usually safe. I don’t like buying a candle unless I can sniff it in person, but if that’s not an option, this collection of “the most beloved” Holiday scents that Yankee Candle is bringing back for a limited time is a good place to start.

$12 – $26 Wall-flower plug: My favorite scent for Christmas is Twisted Peppermint. It smells like my favorite Christmas movie as a kid—Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from 1964.

How can a scent smell like a movie? Great question! I don’t know.

$24 – $33 Ahava Hand Cream: Because winter is brutal to hands. I found my new favorite while wandering through Ulta. My hands were dry so I just wanted to find a tester and move on, but I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of lotions available. I was standing in front of this one, judging the scent and velvety-ness, when an employee walked up and said, “You picked a good one. I’m actually here to use it too.” Even though I was impressed by the moisture and light scent, I wasn’t going to buy it. But then Jake surprised me with it.

Gifts for dad

$30 LETSCOM Fitness tracker: My dad loves to complain about how little sleep he got. This fitness band helps him prove it.

$35 Grinch Ugly Christmas Sweater: If your family is like my family then your dad will appreciate having another Grinch sweater. (That way he doesn’t have to wear the same one all season.) I chose this one because it looks like the design is actually knit into the shirt instead of just printed on it. JC Penny’s has a cheaper one here. And don’t forget about Kohls clearance!

Gifts for grammy

$25 Throw Throw Burrito Board Game: More than a thing, what Grammy’s usually want most is to spend time with their family. Uno has always been a family tradition, but a couple years ago, Grammy shocked all of us when she accidentally revealed that she doesn’t like Uno! (My cousin still hasn’t recovered from the news.) I haven’t played this Throw Throw Burrito game, but it looks fun. Just try not to beam your G-ma in the face with a burrito.

$23 The Everything Sleekster Chocolate Gift Box: So fancy. And with pieces like Champagne Truffle and Caramel Cheescake, you know it’s going to be delicious. I’ve ordered chocolate bars from here for a “date night in,” and the chocolate was delicious and the prices are reasonable. Shipping gets a little pricey, but to get a unique “bet that’s not already under the tree” gift, it’s totally worth it.

Don’t see a gift on the list that will work?

helpful sites for when you need a cool gift idea:

What to do if you still can’t find the perfect gift?

Give a gift card.

Wait a sec! Aren’t gift cards the “lazy/don’t-care-about-you” present?

Well, let me ask, how do you feel when you get a gift card? Although giving a gift card may feel like the easy way out, most people don’t mind getting gift cards. I LOVE to get them. It gives me the freedom to save them or buy something I really need. Plus, my buddy Adam says gift cards are actually better for the economy.

Happy bargain hunting and, in case no one has said it yet, Merry Christmas!

Have a favorite gift that’s not on the list? Let me know!*

*I update this list as I learn of cool new things.

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