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What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose would smell just okay I’ll stop there.

I’d like to tell you the inspiration to start this website struck me while hiking a beautiful mountainside…

With a deep breath, I inhale and let the familiar scent of pine refresh my soul. When I open my eyes the first thing I spy is a windmill. Slowly, it twirls on the warm breeze, squeaking every third spin.

“Windmill Ways,” a voice whispers from the clouds, “an elegant collection of life experiences.

Yeah…I wish!

I was laying on my bed well after midnight, bribing my mind to let me sleep. “How ’bout we worry about the weight of life’s problems tomorrow? But it was relentless. Replaying memories, my biggest mistakes, and experiences I hate until my heart was drowning in sorrow. “If only I had learned…”

I realized my life moved forward in spirals, twists, and sharp turns. People say to follow a path, map, or steady compass, but me? When the wind blew I followed until it blew me another way.

My life is like a windmill.”

Sure, it’s not a terrible way to live, but it’s exhausting. It takes twice as long to get anywhere, if I can get there at all! Because of my sporadic journey I’ve been forced to learn a lot. I didn’t want to waste the lessons but I didn’t have a place to share them. So I started a poll, asked people to vote for their favorite name, and bought the domain.

What if I told you it’s possible to learn from mistakes without making them?

Uhm what?

The key to efficient living is not having a color-coded calendar (although that is helpful), but learning from someone else’s mistakes. That’s what you’ll find on Windmill Ways.

Please understand.

I don’t write about my failures because I want attention—I would prefer to forget my mistakes all together. Or if they would not be forgotten then at least keep them locked in a secret corner of my mind. I don’t share my experiences for sympathy, or pity, but I do hope I can help people navigate the chaos of life by learning from what’s already been done. Where I messed up and got stuck, you might be able to overcome quickly or bypass it altogether.

“Insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results.”

–Someone wise once said…

My heart goes out to Gen-Z and millennials, “my people.” We are looking for our purpose, a cause to support, a reason to exist and make the world better because we existed.

tl;dr …

If we don’t remember our mistakes we risk repeating them. Repeating them is a waste of time and time, as we all know, is too valuable to spend in a loop of heartbreak.

Mixed with the memoirs from real life you’ll also find seasonal to-do lists, costume tips, DIY crafts, and movie reviews.

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