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Movie Review: Suicide Squad

August 8, 2016 Karianne 2 min read No Comments

Suicide Squad exceeds expectations! (I love alliteration, can you tell?)

After the Deadpool debacle with families who love Marvel and DC comics, I wondered if Hollywood films would begin to tone down or increase the the sexual implications.

When the previews for Suicide Squad were released, I wondered how the movie would treat Harley Quinn’s character. Would she be slutty and stupid, or hardcore and awesome? DC perfectly combined Harley’s previous incarnations (blonde, multicolored hair, crazy, etc) and portrays the character with all her flaws in a respectful way.

The best scene that illustrates the well-thought cinematography and script writing is when Harley first joins the Suicide squad. She is given a trunk of her things, and pulls out her original jester costume (love it!). The scene cuts to the other characters, then comes back to a circle of military men surrounding Harley as she finishes pulling down the edge of her shirt. The cut suggests that she changed in front of the guys, and although I don’t recommend doing that in real life, it is true to Harley’s character. The filmmakers kept the scene provocative, yet it doesn’t require anyone in the audience to “cover their eyes.”

Who can top Harley’s craziness? Only the Joker, of course! Jared Leto almost reached Heath Ledger’s level of madness for the role, and that’s an amazing accomplishment on its own! His eyes had a crazy sparkle. There was something a little off about that smile (maybe the teeth?). What’s going on behind the Joker’s mind? We never know! But what we see is reason enough to love and hate the Joker, without knowing what the voices are whispering to him. Bravo Jared, bravo!

As a twist in the plot for anyone who, like me, hasn’t read the comics: Harley and Deadshot become friends! (Or maybe even something more?) Will Smith was the perfect choice to cast as Deadshot. It’s quickly apparent that this character cares for more than just the money (although he does care about that quite a bit).

Deadshot and Harley

The acting was great. Effects were flawless. The “bad guys” were gross and demented. And the music was so good (although explicit at times) that I’ve been listing to some of the songs on repeat on Spotify.

Yes, Suicide Squad is still a film for adults. And although it’s nothing like the Deadpool movie (Which was rated R for a reason) be prepared for some adult humor and brief “fan service” shots.

Still, the movie is enjoyable and the filmmakers did a great job. If you decide to see the film, support your local theater by seeing it on the big screen with a small popcorn and a drink.

Report Card: Suicide Squad
Characters: A
Animation/Acting: A+
Plot: C
Overall Score: B+

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